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Romarine - Rosemary Flower Wine

Rosemary Flower Wine.


11.90 EUR
16.26 USD



For the first time a wine flower!
Romarine is a traditional aperitif drink natural wild flowers from the Languedoc scrubland. For the first time, winemaking processes are applied to flowers scrubland.
During the gathering, more attention is paid to the choice of flowers, and respect for the environment. Rosemary flowers are picked and sorted by hand. Floral mash is made, then vinified. Raised in demijohns, these wines require several months of flowers refining.
The Romarine Frontignan is made, in the foothills of the Gardiole.

Blue flowers of rosemary, clustered at the ends of branches, concentrated aromas reminiscent of eucalyptus or frankincense. Eaten as an appetizer or chilled on ice, the Romarine easily accompany many desserts and local cuisine. It sublimates eg cheeses such salers, goats ... accompaniments and fruit desserts.

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50cl bottle.

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