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Gold Champagne

French Premium sparkling wine Chardonnay with glitter of pure Gold 23 carats! With LED Light
12.5% vol

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69.00 EUR
94.27 USD


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A Premium Sparkling Wine engraved in Gold!
Alchemy of a generous French Chardonnay wine, and the metal of  kings and emperors.
Taste the subtility of a "Grand Cru" and glitter of pure gold 23 carats.
A divine combination that will create precious beauty in your festivities!

Champagne "Blanc de Blanc", "Chardonnay", "Grand Cru", glitter of gold 23 carats.

"Premium Sparkling Wine", 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs, with glitter of Gold 23 Carats.
12.5% Vol

"ROBE OR", Fruity, peach and citrus, very elegant, with very good fine bubbles.

Appearance: behind a very white foam appears a color finery But fresh with lemon highlights.
The effervescence is persistent. The cord is regular over the entire periphery of the
surface constantly fed by fine bubbles rising column of glass background.

Nose: very fresh. Fruit flavors (peach) fleshy sour rub
fresh hay and clear notes of citrus and white flowers. It also collects
a spicy and dry biscuit key.

Mouth: freshness dominates with crisp fruit impressions and sweet flowers. A
certain sweetness develops evolution and ends with a tasting note
fresh peach.

75cl Bottle, with led included.

Attention alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation.

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