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Berlingot of Carpentras french candy

French gourmet Food, French food, French delicatessen, French Foie Gras, french gastronomy
7.50 EUR
10.25 USD
A legend in the fourteenth century, it was a baker of Pope Clement V residing in Carpentras, which to celebrate the dissolution of the Knights Templar, made a special sweet. It would be during a banquet, a man named Sylvester, who prepared acaramelized custard was found with a quantity of unused syrup.He had the idea to anneal the caramel by adding lemon and mint.He stretched into sticks and offered to the Pope with the words:"Honour to Bertrand de Got (real name of Clement V), cutting with scissors gold", which gave plain language Ber-lin-got.

The Berlingot of Carpentras is a hard candy, translucent prepared based syrup candied fruit, mint and anise. Its characteristic is to be pyramidal in shape in different colors, always with white stripesand these stripes can reach the number of forty. They are the result of the addition of sugar cooked long fought to give whiteness and opacity.

Metal box 250g (global weight 320g)


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